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We have been extremley busy in 2015, gifting over 45 weddings to some great couples the length and breadth of the UK. Here are some of their very special days:


The wedding of Steven and Rachael Lynch, 5th November 2015

The wedding of Paul and Ann Marie Thompson, 4th October 2015

The wedding of Patricia and David Bailey, 3rd October 2015

The wedding of Paul and Chloe Tibbott, 2nd October 2015

The wedding of Steven and Laura Monks, 11th September 2015

The wedding of Claire and Chistopher Fowler, 1st May 2015

The Wedding of Tony and Andrea Worsley, 6th March 2015

The Wedding of Paul and Nicloe Kitchen, 5th March 2015

The wedding of Nick and Katheryn Slattery, 7th February 2015

If you would like to apply for a wedding or nominate someone for a wedding, please complete the contact form below and one of our lovely volunteers will contact you to explain the application process.

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Gift of a Wedding is a registered charity under the HMRC’s small charity scheme. Our registration number is EW08870