Aimee and Joe’s Wedding

We hope you’ve heard our fantastic news by now. Well, if you haven’t, you have now! We finally put together our first fully donated wedding. And what a beautiful, perfect day it was. The sun even kept its hat on all day long!

Aimee & Joe Sneak Previews-03

 Aimee was diagnosed with cancer in December 2013, and Joe proposed in the same month. After months of treatment, their worst fears of terminal cancer were confirmed in April and we were approached by Aimee’s sister on the same day asking if we could give the gift of a wedding.

Naturally we said yes. We had five weeks to pull something off and give them the wedding of their dreams.

Aimee & Joe Sneak Previews-02

Apart from the stories that inevitably go with Gift of a Wedding, we were quite touched by how Aimee and Joe came to be together. They attended each other’s birthday parties when they were young, although this isn’t quite where their love started, and then lost touch. In fact it took a few more coincidental meetings (a pub quiz, a party) plus some help from Facebook chat before Joe plucked up the courage to ask for Aimee’s number. This was six years ago!

As they say… the rest is history.

  Aimee & Joe Sneak Previews-04 Aimee & Joe Sneak Previews-05

 It’s easy to see from the number of wedding blogs and millions (really, millions!) of Pinterest pages how you can get overwhelmed with endless wedding inspiration but fortunately for us the husband and wife-to-be had clear ideas from the start.

The theme was 50s vintage, complete with candy carts, lawn games, afternoon tea, bunting, tweed suits and parasols. Through donated goods and services from businesses in the wedding industry, the kindness of strangers and people willing to help out at any cost, we were easily able to create the wedding Aimee and Joe had dreamed of.

Aimee & Joe Wedding-202 Aimee & Joe Wedding-203
Crockery supplied by Yours Truly Vintage Catering co.

  Aimee & Joe Wedding-197 Aimee & Joe Wedding-199

Cart supplied by Alf’s Candy Cart | Sweets donated by Costco

  Aimee & Joe Wedding-191 Aimee & Joe Wedding-188

Post box donated by Blue Leaf Events Hire | Wedding cake created by Pink Cocoa

 As Joe said: “Aimee and I cannot express our gratitude strongly enough. Without all of your hard work (and patience with my groomzilla moments) it would have been an unobtainable day but thanks to all of you we will cherish it always.”

 Aimee & Joe Sneak Previews-11

 From both Aimee and Joe, and us here at GOAW, thank you.

Special thanks to all the suppliers who helped create this wedding:

Alf’s Candy Cart

Beastie productions

Bespoke wedding cars

Blue Leaf Event Hire

Cassandra Lane Photography

China Boy North

Cherished Creations

Cheshire Wedding Planning


Country Buffets


Glow Beauty Salon

Giggles and Games

Hair Kandy

North Wales Hog Roast

Maia Florist

Pink Cocoa

Rhythm Train

Giggles and Games

Tower Hill Barns

Yours Truly