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What’s Your Wedding Dress Doing?

Is it sat in the attic or roof-space gathering dust or even worse, turning yellow?  If it is, why not consider letting it do some good instead? We appreciate your wedding dress is probably one of the most important and expensive items of clothing you will ever purchase, but what if your dress, which you may never wear again, could make a wedding dream come true for a bride with terminal illness. You never know it could also be “the one” for another bride to purchase in exchange for big donation. How great would that be!

Donate and Buy Wedding Dresses

Did you know that £2+£2=£5 when you donate to charity? It’s true!

Donating your wedding dress to Gift of a Wedding will help us raise lots of money towards the wedding of a terminally ill person. But we think the most impressive thing is that your dress will help us earn lots of money from the tax man as well. For every pound we make from the sale of your dress the tax man will give us an extra 25p. So for example if we sold your dress for £500 we would actually make £625 from the extra 25% we could collect from the tax man. How good does that sound?

5 Reasons To Donate Your DressDonate your Wedding Dress

If you’re still not sure whether to donate your dress, here are 5 great reasons:

  • It will give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you have done some good
  • It will be a good way to help us fundraise
  • It will help to give a terminally-ill person the wedding day of their dreams
  • It could end up being the wedding dress of a terminally-ill bride’s dream
  • It will help us raise money from the tax man

We hope we’ve convinced you to let go of your wedding dress for a good cause. Donating your dress is easy, all you have to do is complete the short donation form below.

Want to donate more than one dress?

If you’re a business and you wish to donate two dresses or more, please call our office for further advice on 08457470171.

Gift of a Wedding Oakdale Lodge, Mottram Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15, 2QP (t) 08454740717 (e)

Thank You!

Gift of a Wedding is a registered charity under the HMRC’s small charity scheme. Our registration number is EW08870