More donated dresses!

So you know how we had a very rainy day for our first wedding dress appeal day? Well, our second one turned out a lot drier, and therefore busier!

We headed over to the Trafford Centre on Saturday 6th September and pitched our stand in the Bandstand where we were eagerly greeted by the staff who had kindly decorated our area with a wonderful backing.

Sue France and Jane Birkenshaw came down to offer their support, as did some of our volunteers.

2014-10-07 16.57.00

Ok now time for the juicy bit! We took over ONE HUNDRED donated items, including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and even shoes.  Look at how beautiful they are:

Not only that, but we also received pledges from 20 others to donate their items too. Including promises from brides-to-be who haven’t even married yet!

The turnout and the support was absolutely fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for anything better from the public. If you were one of those who came along to see us on the day, please do get in touch!

Just to also update you on where we are at with our Wedding Dress Donation Appeal, we now have over 200 items so far. We can’t tell you how important this is in supporting Gift of a Wedding weddings and raising funds. You’re doing us proud!

If you know of anyone who has a dress taking up room, not being used and getting all musty, send them along our way.

If you’re in Liverpool and want to drop your dress off, the brilliant team at the Municipal Buildings on Dale Street are still saving them for us. If you’re in Manchester, feel free to come on over to our offices to deposit your items.

We are also in the process of securing other dress drop-off locations so you may shortly find a suitable shop in your area if you’re not near Manchester or Liverpool.