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What is Gift of a Wedding?

It is a complimentary wedding service donated to people suffering from a terminal or life-shortening illness who wish to get married.

Does Gift of a Wedding cover my area of the UK?

Yes, we cover every part of the UK.

How do I apply for the Gift of a Wedding?

Simply contact our friendly team by calling  0845 474 0717, or emailing them at enquiries@giftofawedding.org. They will take you through a short questionnaire to confirm your eligibility.  If you are eligible, they will send you an application form which you should complete and return to us as quickly as possible.

Who should I contact about an application form?

If you have a question or query regarding  the application process or the application form, please call our team on 0845 474 0717, or email them at enquiries@giftofawedding.org. They will be only too pleased to help.

Will you provide weddings for all applicants?

We promise to try our best to provide weddings for as many applicants as we can, provided the application criteria are met and the resources are available.

How quickly can Gift of a Wedding organize my wedding?

This will depend on how quickly you wish to get married. This will be discussed with you by one of the team.

Who meets the costs of my Gift of a Wedding?

Gift of a Wedding relies on generous donations of goods and services from  UK wedding suppliers and hospitality professionals, donations from supporters and fund-raising done by the charity.

What can I choose for my Gift of a Wedding?

Gift of a Wedding will consider all reasonable requests.  Please remember Gift of a Wedding is a charity funded entirely through voluntary donations.  Whilst we will do everything we can to get everything you wish for your UK wedding day, civil ceremony or vow renewal, this may not always be possible.

I would like to nominate someone, what should I do?

Nominating some one for the Gift of a Wedding is simple. Please  call our call our team on 0845 474 0717, or email them at enquiries@giftofawedding.org.  They will explain the nomination process to you.

I'm a medical professional; who should I contact for queries?

Medical professionals should forward any medical queries direct to our medical  liaison at medical@giftofawedding.org.


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Gift of a Wedding is a registered charity under the HMRC’s small charity scheme. Our registration number is EW08870