The First One

Patrick and Sarah

Before we had the amazing success of Aimee and Joe’s wedding in June, we helped a wonderful couple, Patrick and Sarah, in May. So technically, it was our first wedding. Can’t believe we’ve not told you all the details before now!

Patrick was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year and the couple decided they needed some recognition for the fact they’ve been together for 25 years and have a daughter. So they gave themselves three weeks to organise their wedding then drafted us in to help towards the end. Although we didn’t put together a full wedding, we did what we could to get them the remaining things they needed in order to have the perfect day they’d always wanted.

The ceremony was an early one; a 10.30am start, and was a small affair held at Southport Town Hall.
Look at those smiles!

Patrick and Sarah Bimendi wedding day

The celebrations then moved on to local pub Thatch and Thistle, which had been due to close down for refurbishment but kept it open just for Patrick and Sarah. So a big thanks to them! As with most of the weddings we put together, they’re generally last minute so the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. This certainly was translated in to this bride and groom’s day with a buffet, bouncy castle and even a candy floss machine.

The wedding days are long and exhausting given the circumstances, so Patrick and Sarah ended their day at around 6pm. Plus from what we hear, they were in their pjs by 10pm drinking hot chocolate! A perfect end to a lovely day.

Since then, we caught up with Sarah and asked what’s changed now they’re married. She responded with “leaving notes around the house  to each other that start with Mr and Mrs. Oh, and practising my new surname!”

Although Patrick’s health has deteriorated since their wedding day, we’re glad this couple are getting to spend some well-deserved time together as husband and wife. Again, thank you to everyone who made it possible.