Sunshine after the rain

We held our first Wedding Dress Donation Drive on the bleakest, rainiest and windiest day of summer.

Thankfully our supporters braved the elements and came down to the Ladysmith Centre in Ashton-under-Lyne on the 19th July to deposit goods with us. Councillor Lynn Travis even came across to say hi. We had four beautiful dresses donated to us on the day, with a promise of seven more to be delivered at our offices on a later date. We now have all of these safely in our grasp and will be updating you on their use soon!

photo (1)

It could have been the sounds of the string quartet that lured people to our gazebo, or perhaps the promise of a goody bag to take home. Either way, we had a great time and got to meet some fantastic people.

















One of these people was a lady called Denise Robins, who had recently renewed her vows with her husband as he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year. Fortunately since treatment, he is on the up but it was a reminder that so many people are affected by these terrible diseases yet make the most out of their situations. As our story was close to home for Denise and her husband, she donated her gorgeous gown to us on the day.

If you were one of the people who came to the Ladysmith Centre that day, thank you so much for the support (and outfits of course) you gave us. You kept us going even when the rain was relentless!

We’d also like to say a huge thanks to Morrisons in Dukinfield, Sainsburys, Body Shop, Bake & Take and Thorntons in Ashton, and Makro in Stockport for their donated gifts for the goody bags.

We hoped you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you for our next Wedding Dress Donation Day. We will be at the Bandstand in the Trafford Centre on Saturday 6th September awaiting your outfits and smiles!