We’re Here!

As many of you will now know and already heard, we’ve launched. Officially. So we’ve finally got time for our first blog… hello there!

We want to use our first entry to really say thank you to everyone who helped us get to where we are today and to let you know a little bit about what’s round the corner for Gift of a Wedding. And also to get some feedback from you guys, let us know your thoughts and ideas on what we can do.

Since the charity was set up 2 years ago, we’ve worked hard to pull everything together and be the Gift of a Wedding we are today. It was established after Patricia (our lovely founder!) decided to help a couple arrange a wedding for 150 people when the groom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She used all of her contacts in the wedding industry to pull off a fabulous wedding for the couple worth £18,000. ALL THROUGH DONATED GOODS AND SERVICES. That’s where the idea sprouted… if she could do that for one person, why couldn’t she do it for more?

From there, it’s grown legs (really long ones) and is starting to run away with itself. We couldn’t ask for anything more! We have a board of excellent trustees who help in the decision making and a group of volunteers who help in the day-to-day running of the charity. This all ranges from answering emails and calls through to fundraising ideas and events, increasing our social media presence and most importantly, expanding our network of contacts. So hey, if you’re in the wedding industry and want to get involved, we really want to hear from you!

Another big thank you to the group of people and business who donated their goods and services to us for the launch night. We couldn’t have done it without them:

A Sixpence for her Shoe                                   www.asixpenceforhershoe.co.uk

Andrew Dean Magic                                         www.andrewdeanmagic.co.uk

Bow So Sweet                                                    www.bowsosweet.co.uk

Body Shop                                                         www.thebodyshop.co.uk 

Carrie’s Cupcakes                                             www.facebook.com/CarriesCupcakeKitchen

Castlefield Rooms                                             www.castlefieldrooms.com

Costco Oldham                                                 www.costco.co.uk

David Lee Events                                               www.david-lee.co.uk

Georgia Holland                                                www.georgiaholland.co.uk

Jo Gendle Films                                                 www.jogendlefilms.com

Jon’s Cakes                                                         www.jonscakes.co.uk

Love Exclusive                                                   www.loveexclusive.com/

Lowry Hotel Spa                                               www.thelowryhotel.com

Maisies Daisies                                                 www.maisierose.com

Manchester United                                          www.manutd.com/

Nunsmere Hall                                                 www.primahotels.co.uk/nunsmere/

Sincerely Yours Cards & Balloons                   www.facebook.com/sincerleyyours

Unity Independent Civil Celebrancy               www.unityindependentcivilcelebrancy.co.uk

And finally thank you to everyone who is continually supporting us, either by attending the launch night or putting us in touch with the right people and spreading the word. You can see some of the beautiful photos Jude Gidney took at the top of the page… Can you spot yourself?

So what’s next?

Well, GOAW (much easier to use an abbreviation don’t you think?) has got a few fundraising events up our sleeves to raise our profile and to raise cash for us. We have the Colour Run in June and a Ring Raffle later this month. Get involved! We also have a… wait for it…


It’s on its way in July and is destined to be a fun night for everyone who wants to wear their wedding dresses again. Plus have a bit of a party… what more could you want?! Don’t worry, we’re not excluding the men, wedding suits can also make an outing. Keep an eye on our website and our social media networks to find out more! Sorry this has been a long first post, but we hope it’s been worth it. The following ones will be a little shorter, we promise. Keep up your good work!

From all at Gift of a Wedding x